DEKOLEN® is a high-quality material utilised in synthetic wickerwork which is suitable for all weather conditions and your guarantee of superior product characteristics and a long service life.

A complete coloured synthetic fibre is produced through extrusion, evident in the enormous flexibility and strength of the finished product.

DEKOLEN® is smear resistant, insensitive to temperature influences and fluctuation and extremely resistant to UV radiation and severe weather conditions.

DEKOLEN® is therefore ideal for the manufacture of elegant, high-quality garden furniture and a variety of other indoor and outdoor applications.

Synthetic wickerwork made of DEKOLEN® meets all the requirements of the following quality standards:


3 years warranty, uv resistant,
100% unused material, weatherproof, temperature-resistant -22 °F to +158 °F, water cleaning only, chlorine- and brine-resistant, mould repellent, no heavy metal, 100% recyclable (polyethylene)