Where can I purchase DEKOLEN® wicker furniture?
From all good specialised retailers. You can locate a dealer near you by clicking here ...

Can I repair my garden furniture if fibrous cracks appear?
Principle repairs can be realised by our Service Centre in Deternerlehe.

Can I clean the wickerwork with a high-pressure cleaner?
Yes, but with low compression to save the material.

Is there a cleaning agent which will ensure that my wickerwork has a long service life?
Normal cleaning is sufficient, and no additional cleaning agents are required.

How much care does DEKOLEN® require?
The fibres can be cleaned easily with clean water and a soft sponge should they get dirty (do not use cleaning agents containing tensides).

What does "original material" mean?
The fibres are manufactures from original granulate material and contain an admixture of recycled substances. Only use of original material ensures that high quality demands (e.g. temperature resistance) are met.

Why does DEKOLEN® have a tactile structure?
It simple feels more pleasant than a smooth surface. Structuring cannot be achieved if cheap recycled materials are used – and the difference is in the touch!